Tuesday, July 15, 2014

crochet mini drawstring bag

once in a while, whenever I'm working on a big project (like scarves or purse) I usually squeeze in some small and quick ones to get a break. Setting aside my current work, I'd pick up some scrap yarn or any yarn that has cought my eye and begin making a flower, a ribbon, or a mini coin purse.......One of my favorite to make is this mini drawstring bag. About two years ago, we've made use of this as a party favor for my nephew's 2nd birthday. We just filled it with local miniature chocolates. It was gone by half, before it could even make it to its display tray! Here's the actual photo of the ones we used as party favor.

You could also make it as mini change purse.
or a place to keep your earphones! Bye bye tangled earphones!

I usually attach a keyring into it and keep a bunch for visiting friends and families.

I always want my drawstring mini bag to be teeny weeny so I usually use mercerized cotton thread  and 1.25 mm steel hook. though you could use any yarn you wish....the bigger the yarn ( and the hook size), the bigger your drawstring bag will be :-)

So here we go!

crochet mini drawstring bag

special terms used:

ch - chain
st - stitch
dc - double crochet
fan - 5 dc on the same st
v stitch - dc, ch2, dc
picot - sc, ch 3, sc on the same st

row 1 make a slip knot, and ch 4 (counts as 1st dc) work 14 dc on the 4th chain from the hook. join with a slip stitch on top of chain 4 at the beginning- (15 dc)

row 2 chain 3 counts as 1 dc. *( skip 2 st, work a fan on the next)* reapeat * 3 more times. skip 2 st, then work 4 dc on the same st as the beginning 3 chain, and join with slip st on top of the beginning 3 chain. after this row, you'll have 5 fans.

row 3 chain 5, dc on the space (of the two fans of the prevous row) this would be your first v st.   *(skip 2 st , work a fan on the next st, skip 2 st, v stitch  on the space between  the two fans of the previous row)* , repeat * 3 more times. skip 2 st, work a fan on the next st, then complete the row with a slip st on top of 3rd chain of the chain 5 at the beginning.

row 4 chain 5, skip 2 st, dc on the next (on top of prevoius row's dc)
*(skip 2 st, work a fan on the next st, skip 2 st, dc on the next, ch 2, skip 2 st, dc on the next)* repeat till end of the row ending with slip st on the 3rd chain of the beginning chain 5. after this row, you'll now have a little "bowl".

rows 5 to 10 repeat row 4

row 11 ch 3 (counts as 1 dc) work 3 dc on the chain 2 space, dc on the next. Continue all the way round working dc on each prevoius row's dc and 3 dc on the chain 2 spaces. join with a slip st on top of the chain 3 at the beginning.

row 12 ch 1, sc on the next st, *(picot on the next st, sc on the next 2 st, skip 2 st, work a fan on the next st, skip 2 st, sc on the next 2 st)* repeat 4 times. join with a slip st on the beginning chain 1.

weave in ends.....

for the string, chain 80 then cut off yarn but leaving around 2 inches tail. to assemble, weave your string around row 11  ( on the dc row). And hey, look here! I've found some colorful plastic beads. Might as well use them to add some colors on our project. 

you could make your own version by changing the boarders....or even changing colors..... you choose... :-)

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