Wednesday, September 17, 2014

simply black crochet wrap

The Sun rarely appears, the streets wet, my garden plants have their "showers" everynow and then, and I just can't leave the house without my sturdy umbrella on hand. It's  rainy season here in the Philippines! I'm now officially missing the summer heat and my summer hat. But..... there's something about the now-cold weather. It just gave me  the idea to make something that will keep me nice and warm while being curled up in the sofa with my favorite book on hand, or with my playbook looking and admiring crochet masterpieces from all over the world or....  working on another crochet project. With soo many beautiful designs to choose from, (well, thanks world wide web!)  I wanted something easy and simple to make.... And I came up with this design....

A simple file of dc and tr!

Now, let's start....

This yarn I that I will be using is local 3 ply acrylic yarn (locally referred to as Baguio yarn here in our country) together with a 3.5 cochet hook.

Simply Black Crochet Wrap

special abbreviations used:

st - stich
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stitch
tr - trebble crochet (yarn over 2 times, insert your hook to the indicated stitch, pull up a loop and pull through 2 loops 3  times)

Make a slip knot, then chain multiples of 6 + 4 for (turning point)....again, I advise you guys to use stitch markers for every 50 ch or 100 ch you make to make final counting much easier. This would be the length of your wrap so keep chaining till you have your desired length.

row 1 dc on the 4th ch from the hook (counts as 1 dc)  work dc on every ch till you reach the very first chain. turn your work.

row 2 chain 5 (counts as 1 tr plus 1 ch) skip 1 st, *tr on the next st, ch 1, skip 1 st, tr on the next, ch 1, skip 1 st*  repeat * till end of row. you must end up with a tr. Turn your work

row 3 Chain 3 (counts as 1 dc)  * dc on the ch 1 space, dc on the next*. repeat* till end of row ending up with dc on the 5th chain on the beginning ch 5 and 1 dc on the 4th chain. turn your work.

row 4 reapeat row 2

row 5 repeat row 3

Just keep repeating row 2 and row 3 till you get your desired width. Be sure to end up with row 3 ( the dc row) and for those who are a bit adventurous, you may change colors in every row to create a defferent look. You may also opt to add pretty boarders on both dc sides of your wrap. I left mine as it is.....that's why I''ve called it as Simply Black Wrap.

My! easy, isn't it?  and here's my finish  wrap.... :-) Could be worn in many ways....

around the shoulders

as a scarf...

and this one's my favorite

 Now I wish I had some other belt with a contrasting color  :-)


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  2. Love this pattern!
    I am going to make it.
    Thank you.